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Old 01-30-2006, 04:13 AM
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Hey, ya, i kind of figured that it would be a pretty good sax school. Actually the best i figured would be juilliard since its like the best school for the arts there is, but their woodwind sax program is somewhat pathetic. They dont offer anything for sax unless its jazz, which im not really interested in, so, im sort of in the process of finding a different school, that people have actually heard of, but is the equivalent to juilliards piano program but for sax. I'm pretty much open to any suggestions. The eastman school of music looks pretty good, and so does berkely, so im not sure wat to decide. The thing is , i want to get a good paying high end job, and everyone knows that music is one of the most shaky industries there is that almost totally depends on luck, so i dont know. My hope is that i will be able to major in music and another more common stable item, like math or psychology, but i want my overall career to be involved in music. If only they allowed saxes in orchstras...
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