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Old 05-28-2006, 06:34 AM
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Default <3 Ode to Marching Band :D

Okay, that time of the year is coming again, and even though like nobody on this site marches, I had to post this. Enjoy my Ode to Marching Band!!!

Summer...scaulding hot temperatures, which get hotter on asphault, dehydration, crappy cafeteria food, 12 hours of work 5 days a week--without pay, standing around staring at the sun for hours on end, as the sweat pours down your face--but you can't wipe it off, or you have to do pushups--odd tanlines, burned scalps etc, the best friends you could ever gain, loads of sunscreen/eyedrops/chapstick/etc, 'gliding' across the ground as you turn your body 90 degrees either way, while keeping your horn either above parallel or exactly parallel, seniority--whether toward advantage or disadvantage--card game showdowns (including BS, ERS, Speed, and Spoons), blowing till your lungs explode ; ), keeping your eyes in the horizon as you remember to stay in a straight line, cover and dress lines, roll your toes, and keep your instrument and shoulders in the right position, and best of all: Setting Drill and repeating it over and over again, until you can do it in your sleep.

Yes, this is an ode to the best summer activity known to Band-kind: BAND CAMP!!!! It's almost time...I'm counting down...are you??

"ROLL YOUR TOES!!!!!" "COVER DOWN!" "GET IN THE DIAGONAL!!!" "SENIORS GO FIRST!! GET TO THE BACK OF THE LINE!!" "DO YOUR PUSHUPS!!!" "TAKE OFF!!" "I SAID GET YOUR TOES UP!!" "STAND STRAIGHTER...LOOK FARTHER UP...AND STOP MOVING, PLEASE!!!" "IF YOU'RE EARLY, YOU'RE ON TIME...ON TIME, YOU'RE LATE, AND IF YOU'RE LATE, YOU'RE IN TROUBLE...ALL OF YOU THAT WERE LATE FROM BREAK, TAKE OFF!!!!" "STOP MOVING!!" "GET IN LINE!!!" "GET YOUR FLUTE UP!!" "WHY AREN'T YOU COUNTING?" "FILE IN!! BAND TIN HUT!!" "Great job you guys...it's our year...I know you can do it. I'm proud of you. Band Camp this year was the best...now let's let our season continue to be this successful. Go home and get a good night's sleep and be ready for the exhibition tomorrow. Ready? Who are we?" "CLOVER BANDS!!" "WHO ARE WE??!!!!" "CLOVER BANDS!!!!!!!!" "Dismissed."

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