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Rating: 5
What a good deal  by on October 3rd, 2007
This is an extremely good deal. This entire movement for only 4 bucks. Hundred percent recommended!
Rating: 5
one of beethoven's best  by on August 30th, 2007
I disagree with with 'sonata is primative' because unlike some music you can see a clear 'story line' and you are able to get an understanding of what is going through the composer's mind. It is fun, exhilerating and adds an 'ear' of suspense due it's minor tonality as shown in the first movement, and throughout the entire symphony. I don't like it merely because it was written by my favourite composer (conseidered by many to be a lunatic), but I like it because of its flair and exhilerence. As Jamaican's say, 'Beethoven yuh sell off!' This was truly one of Beethoven's best works ever!
Rating: 4
4th piece best!  by on July 7th, 2007
4th piece is the best out of all. exciting. the rest aren't.
Rating: 3
Sonata is primative  by on January 18th, 2007
This sonata contains none of the flowing melody lines of which so much. Too primative. Not particullary hard, except the fourth movement. worth it. Fun overall, but just blah
Rating: 5
Early Beethoven  by on January 7th, 2007
This is such a wonderful, early sonata by Beethoven which is excitingly beautiful and rather difficult (the 4th movement for example) I love this sonata for its key and mysterious atmosphere.
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