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Rating: 4
Kreisler's "Liebesleid"
by on March 4th, 2015
Having lost the piano accompaniment to Kreisler's violin solo "Liebesleid", I was desperate because my student's audition was a week away. Virtual Sheet Music's site came up right away. Was disappointed that Virtual's version was not the same as my Ludwigmaster's String edition, arr. by Kreisler, but was glad to have a close semblance of our edition. Never having used Virtual Sheet Music before, I was a little leery to use my VISA card, but am glad I did.
Rating: 5
Nice to get music just when you have a yen for it
by on November 10th, 2013
I've loved this piece for awhile and was longing to play through it to see how it felt. It was lovely to be able to have it so quickly and it's very readable. I fell in love with it after hearing it on my recording of Joshua Bell playing Kreisler--a wonderful album.
Rating: 5
One of Kreisler's greatest hits!
(MEMBER) on December 2nd, 2011
A great waltz tune with gypsy overtones
Rating: 5
All right
by on November 5th, 2009
I can use it......what too short?? Blablabla.....it's ok^^ basta;)
Rating: 5
The love for your dearest.
by on June 15th, 2009
This piece appears to be an relatively easy piece, but It reveals all of your fundamental skills, whether you are weak or strong(I'm a Trombone player by the way). Once this piece is fully mastered, it will be a wonderful present for your dearest. I'm planning to play this for my wife to be at my wedding party. Give it a try!
Rating: 5
A piece with emotion and love
by on January 24th, 2008
This piece Liebesleid is one of the well known violin repitoires of Fritz Kreisler and this piece to me allows one to express ones emotions and it allows one to be free from any disater. This piece requires technique like a strong intonation and a strong vibrato in order to perform this piece well. I rate this piece a 5 based on the somber melody which could draw peoples attention. This was one of my first pieces to perform when i start to play the violin effectively. These are one of the favorites minatures of Fritz Kreisler. If you like Kreisler, i recommend you should listen to his Caprice Viennois Op 2
Rating: 5
The most difficult, simple piece I've ever played!
by on December 6th, 2007
My rating and review goes more towards the musicality of the piece, rather than the complexity of the notes. Looking at the music, it is a rather simple piece in fast three; but to play the engaging melody well is where the piece becomes difficult. Liebesleid demonstrates the subtleties that makes music great- everything from articulation style and phrasing to effective dynamics and tempo changes. I bought the piece to play on trombone, but I think the challenges of the piece translate to any instrument. I've played trombone for about 11 years, and always love to find pieces like this.
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