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Rating: 4
fabulous piece
by on July 6th, 2009
This is a great piece for an advanced voilinsit. it has complex parts in the middle so its quite a difficult piece t grasp, i am currently learning the first and third mov and i have only been playing for two months.
Rating: 5
This edition is conform to the original
by on July 3rd, 2007
In response to Dimiter Terziev, Vivaldi didn't write any fingerings or dynamic indication. This edition is perfectly conform to the original, despite, of course, fingerings would be nice to have.
Rating: 3
Intelligent arangement
by on July 2nd, 2007
The famous "Spring" arranged for violin and piano. Intelligent piano reduction and high quality print. My only criticism is the complete lack of articulation and fingering, even though some of it,as far as I know, has been written by Vivaldi himself
Rating: 5
by on February 19th, 2007
It is a wonderful piece, in fact it is a classic!
Rating: 5
by on August 20th, 2006
This is a very interesting piece. Tricky parts in the middle. A truly CLASSICAL piece. It is one of my favorites. It may take time for some people to finish it. I strongly urge you to keep on adding Vivaldi pieces. Every body will surely enjoy this GREAT piece
Rating: 5
by (MEMBER) on March 27th, 2006
Very nice piece! Great rhythms, great sound. It's really difficult; it took me a long time to master this piece. I really enjoy this piece, and when I play it, my listeners get astonished. I'd like it better if fingerings were included to help me out. It's a great piece for the spring season. I reccommend try the other seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter), more difficult I believe.
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