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How to Play Carol of the bells on the violin

A fun tutorial about Carols of the Bells for children and/or violin beginners

In this video, Lorries teaches how to play Carol of the Bells to children and other violin beginners with the help of some elves!

Released on December 1, 2021

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Video Transcription

Hello, fellow violin lovers. I hope that you can join me today to learn how to play a song called Carol of the Bells. Now, in order to learn this song today, I have gotten the help of some of my elf friends, and they all look quite similar, those cute elves, and the problem is, they don't know how to talk, but they guarantee me that they will be able to show you exactly how to play the Carol of the Bells. Let's get started.

If you want, there is a free sheet music download for the music in this video from virtualsheetmusic.com.
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