Robert Estrin - piano expert

Stealing Moments to Practice: Advice from Ruth Slenczynska

Useful tips for your daily piano practice

In this video, Robert gives you helpful advice to improve your daily piano practice by becoming more efficient in managing the time at your disposal.

Released on March 16, 2022

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Mark * VSM MEMBER * on May 4, 2022 @8:15 am PST
Thank you SO MUCH for this invaluable video!! When I watch you play it appears as though you were just "born" with the music in your head and you are effortlessly letting it flow out of your fingers. Allowing me to see a glimpse of "how the sausage is made" is priceless and has encouraged me to be more patient in my practice, with more willingness to take small bites of music at a time and thoroughly digest them before rushing ahead haphazardly to try to learn a new piece. In addition, you have reinforced for me the need to memorize! I find it difficult to do, but have not been as intentional in the effort as you have demonstrated . Thanks so much for all you have given those of us who continue to strive to get better!
Robert - host, on May 4, 2022 @11:27 am PST
Here are more resources for you: and here is a video from years ago describing the process of memorization:
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