Robert Estrin - piano expert

The Lost Art of Classical Improvisation

Listen to a "classical music improvisation"

In this video, Robert improvises on one of his pianos in "classical music" style. Will you be inspired by this video and try it yourself with your instrument?

Released on August 21, 2019

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Robert Estrin at I'm about to sit down with this Baldwin L six-foot three-inch Grand Piano. It's an interesting thing. We have three of these six-three Baldwins right next to each other. I'm just going to sit down randomly on this one. Explore the tones of the particular piano. This one was built in... Looks like... What year is this? 1961. So, let's see what this piano has to offer.


And that's what we have today for you on this morning improvisation here from Living Pianos, your online piano store. Thanks for joining me.
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Irvine Nicholson * VSM MEMBER * on August 21, 2019 @6:28 pm PST
This improvisation sounds like an introduction seeking a melody but never finding one.
Robert - host, on August 22, 2019 @3:24 pm PST
I am heavily influenced by the great late Romantic composers like Richard Strauss as well French Impressionists like Ravel. Much of this music is more about changing harmonies, colors and textures. However, if you listen around 3 minutes and 20 seconds into this video, a melody does emerge!
Geoff * VSM MEMBER * on August 21, 2019 @4:39 am PST
Thank you, Robert. That was a lovely way for me to start the day and I shall certainly be trying out some improvisation later. It would be interesting to know what you were thinking as the piece developed. Thanks again. Geoff
Robert - host, on August 22, 2019 @3:45 pm PST
Like meditation, playing music is a state of mind that does not have an internal dialog which is how we generally how we think. It is a pure thought in concert with the music. (No pun intended!)
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