Robert Estrin - piano expert

Should you Cover Your Piano?

Is there anything you need to know to protect your piano?

In this video, Robert gives you some tips about protecting your piano by covering it... but is this really necessary?

Released on January 11, 2017

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Robert Estrin at and, with a great question. Should you cover your piano? Many people ask this question and people who get pianos from us, they ask, "Oh, does it come with a cover?" Well, the truth is, for most instances, it's not really necessary to cover a piano. However, I will say this. When we get pianos that people have had who cover it on a regular basis, it is a real blessing because it will slow the aging process, particularly to the furniture. If you have direct sunlight where the piano sits, you absolutely should cover the instrument or better yet, get window shades because the sunlight will affect the finish of the piano. It dries out the wood, it'll fade the color of the finish, all sorts of things happen. If the sunlight gets inside the piano, it can affect tuning stability.

Simply closing your piano, particularly at night when the humid air comes in, will really help to prolong its life and stability of tuning. Covering the piano can aid, particularly in environments that are tough, beach environments or any place that has extreme swings from humid to dry or hot to cold. Closing your fall board doesn't necessarily protect the piano very much, as I've discussed in a previous video, but covering your piano can be a great thing if you have pets, if you have a lot of children who are young and might go, they mess up the furniture. So the biggest consideration I would say for covering your piano, unless you're in a harsh environment, is to protect the furniture, particularly if you have direct sunlight on your piano. That's the long and short of it here. Robert Estrin at and
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