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How often should you tune a piano?

Great answer to a very common question

In this video, Robert helps you understand how often you need to tune your piano.

Released on August 21, 2013

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SS * VSM MEMBER * on August 25, 2013 @5:38 pm PST
wow - I did not know this - thanks! I will call my piano tuner ASAP!!
Fulvia Bowerman * VSM MEMBER * on August 23, 2013 @10:20 am PST
I think that climate has a great influence on how well a piano stays tuned. I lived in Calgary for 7 years where I bought an upright Yamaha. Calgary's climate is extremely dry year around and it was almost worthless to have it tuned once a year! My way of checking if it needed to be tuned was by playing along with a CD the second movement of Beethoven's Piano Concert No. 5. (I cannot handle the first the third movements ... :(
What really amazed me of this piano was the trip on the moving van from Calgary to Virginia, by way of Montreal, that took 2 weeks. As soon as I unpacked my stereo system and the CDs, I rechecked the piano and it was still perfectly in tune ! But, after a few months in very humid Virginia, it needed tuning, and also a couple of keys were "sticking". Now I have it tuned twice a year.
Robert - host, on August 23, 2013 @12:51 pm PST
There are many factors in the stability of tuning of a piano including not only the brand and style of piano, but its age, environment, how much it's played and how often it's tuned. It is surprising how a piano can be moved across the country and often show up pretty much how it left! But the change of environment usually takes its toll after the move.
suspenseful * VSM MEMBER * on August 23, 2013 @1:35 pm PST
It is very hot here in summer except when there is a thunderstorm. But sometimes in Fall and Spring, it sort of gets mild. But here we seem to have only two seasons, winter and summer, and it is a dry cold. The last time I had it tuned was a year after my husband died (he bought it just before he passed) and now it is just starting to sound funny.
suspenseful * VSM MEMBER * on August 21, 2013 @8:44 pm PST
I havent tuned the piano for over a year (finances) and am getting it done this fall. How often should I get it tuned after that to catch up until I can get to getting it done twice a year.
Robert - host, on August 23, 2013 @12:53 pm PST
Your mileage may vary, but 2-4 times a year is usually ideal for most pianos. Here is a video on the subject:
suspenseful * VSM MEMBER * on August 23, 2013 @3:29 pm PST
I have trying to get my piano tuned since last year, but was also wondering whether it is now too far gone. It was new in 2010, so you can see I am sort of worried and cannot afford to buy a new one and I do play it a lot.
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