Todd Ehle - violin expert

How to study the Allegro by Fiocco for violin and piano

Step-by-step instructions to master the well-known piece for violin

In this video, Todd gives you an easy way to approach and study Fiocco's Allegro with clear and approachable tips. Examples are displayed on the video to help you even further!

Released on July 3, 2013

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Tosh * VSM MEMBER * on July 31, 2013 @6:00 pm PST
So many fast passages in the first position in this and other works give one the option of playing g, d, a, and e, with either an open string or a finger (the 4th). It seems to me that the choice often depends on what makes the detache bowing easier/more natural or awkward, while ascending or descending. I never had a teacher who bothered to discuss this problem. And incidentally, I recall Nathan Milstein once said he often used open strings in fast passages because of the greater sonority and clarity they gave as compared with the stopped that could also be another consideration.
Todd Ehle - host, on August 5, 2013 @6:50 am PST
Hi Tosh, with fast passages I don't think there is any reason to avoid open strings unless it is actually cleaner to use a different fingering. If the open string sticks out in a phrase, I'll finger it. If the open causes an awkward string crossing, I change it. Otherwise, I have no objection. Early music fans that employ vibrato and use gut strings love open E for the very reason you mention.
Shirley Gibson * VSM MEMBER * on July 10, 2013 @9:37 am PST
Nifty hints hints for use in other pieces, too - thank you!
Todd Ehle - host, on July 3, 2013 @2:58 pm PST
Thanks, Douglas. Hope something here will help.
Todd Ehle - host, on September 3, 2013 @3:49 pm PST
Hi Shirley, thanks for the nice comment! Sorry I didn't see it earlier.
Douglas%2BA%2BBeyer%2BJr * VSM MEMBER * on July 3, 2013 @9:40 am PST
I have a student working on this piece right now. Thanks for some new perspectives on the technical demands of the piece. You've directly addressed some of the issues she is currently struggling with.
Terese Bartholomew * VSM MEMBER * on July 3, 2013 @7:19 am PST
That was most helpful. Thank you very much!
Todd Ehle - host, on July 3, 2013 @2:59 pm PST
Hi Terese, thanks for the positive comment! Best wishes.
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