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How to play the Bach's Fugue in G minor

Step-by-step instructions to master the famous Fugue in G from the Sonata No. 1 by Bach

As requested by many viewers, in this video, Todd tackles the well-known Fugue in G minor from Sonata No. 1 for violin solo by Johann Sebastian Bach. Todd offers you interesting tips and unique insights that are sure to make your playing of this piece inspired, enjoyable and of great effect.

Released on August 7, 2013

This video is no longer available.
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Comments, Questions, Requests:

Shawn on December 3, 2013 @2:31 pm PST
hey todd, this is Shawn. I am wondering whether you can post a video regarding how to play the grave sonata no.2 in a minor. I am having a lot of trouble with this movement, more so than I am about the others. I feel that the keeping track of the chords and the tempo of the piece at the same time can be overwhelming.
Amy on August 14, 2013 @12:05 pm PST
I like your straight-forward way of teaching this work. As a violist who gigs a violin, I like to pick up different Bach violin pieces and sight-read them. Thanks for affirming some ideas for me!
Todd Ehle - host, on August 16, 2013 @7:54 am PST
Hi Amy, thanks for this. I also like to sight-read very difficult works as it exercises my brain in a different way from a careful, detailed study. Double-stops make it all that much harder! Best wishes.
Alfred C Richdale * VSM MEMBER * on August 7, 2013 @12:48 pm PST
Very, very helpful for any advanced student. Well presented.Gets my recommendation to all my students. Alf Richdale Violin teacher
64 years.
Todd Ehle - host, on August 8, 2013 @8:11 pm PST
Hi Alfred, thanks so much for the very nice comment, and for your recommendation. It means a lot to me. Best regards to you! Todd
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