William Fitzpatrick - violin expert

Videos for Violinists: Feeling the weight of the bow

Learn how to handle the weight of your right hand

In this new video, Prof. Fitzpatrick teaches how to "feel" the weight of your bow.

Released on September 14, 2022

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Video Transcription

So I'm going to try to balance what's going on here with my bow. But I want to feel it in my hand, so I'm going to turn it around. Now, as I move further and further towards the middle, and towards the tip, I'm feeling the weight of the bow, feeling it even more now. Have to be careful, don't want to go too far. If you wrist snapping your bow, but here I really feel it, and I feel that I can just release it, and the bow doesn't fall out of my hand. I can release it on my little finger. There. Now, when I hold my bow this way, I can better feel the weight.
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Tosh * VSM MEMBER * on September 28, 2022 @8:35 am PST
I think every bow has a different "balance point" and the player should try to find that with his hand because that is where his grip should be placed on the bow...otherwise, the player is going to be working against the bow rather than with it.
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