William Fitzpatrick - violin expert

The Many Stories of Bill Fitzpatrick: Incognito at a bar in Aspen

Learn how musicians sometimes need to be in "incognito"

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick tells a story that musicians may experience in their life.

Released on September 7, 2022

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Video Transcription

You see I had this habit of going to bars which was something classical musicians really didn't do, but I wanted to be cool. But one day in Aspen I was at this bar sitting at the counter and started talking to someone sitting next to me. They asked what I did, and not wanting to say that I was a classical violinist as this could have ended the conversation, I said that I worked for the city. They the said "really, doing what" and I said sanitation and that worked. We moved and continued talking at a table with some friends of his and then someone walking by looked at me and said, oh Mr Fitzpatrick, I really loved your performance today... you see my quartet had just performed in the tent that afternoon. My table buddies looked at me completely startled and I quickly just got up and left!
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George Mahida * VSM MEMBER * on September 7, 2022 @2:14 am PST
Why you came up with working for the sanitation department? Why not accounting Department or something like that? Ultimately your true identity revealed through your friends. We cannot hide light. Thanks for sharing your light.
William - host, on September 8, 2022 @2:13 am PST
My gosh!!! I never thought of that! Excellent!
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