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The Many Stories of Bill Fitzpatrick: 1st lessons with Ms. Delay at Juilliard

Another funny story about the first lessons with Ms. Delay

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick tells how was his first lesson with Ms. Delay at Julliard school.

Released on March 2, 2022

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Video Transcription

In my first Juilliard lesson with Ms Delay I played this Wieniawski Polonaise... She commented and then said Billy it would go quicker if you got my bowings and fingerings; end of lesson. I came to the next 2 lessons and played it the same way and each time she said the same thing. So of course for my 4th lesson I played it exactly the same way and when I finished she asked me what I wanted from her. I said I didn't know. She asked if I wanted to bring her sonatas or quartet parts and I said no. She asked what concertos I liked and I said Bartok and she said bring me that. I left very happy, as she didn't have bowing's or fingerings for Bartok.
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George Mahida * VSM MEMBER * on March 3, 2022 @5:47 pm PST
Professor Fitzpatrick I like your videos. I believe fingerings & bowing’s are personal suited to one’s style of playing. I also like that you had the courage to stand your ground and affirm your professional identity. Thanks for sharing
George Mahida
Hank Schutz * VSM MEMBER * on March 2, 2022 @8:25 am PST
My 4th finger vibrato is weak, especially on higher positions on D and G strings. Suggested etudes or other ideas? Thanks.
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