William Fitzpatrick - violin expert

The Many Stories of Bill Fitzpatrick: Leaving my French students

Learn how difficult can be for a teacher to leave his students

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatricks tells a touching story about leaving his students in France.

Released on July 13, 2022

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Video Transcription

So my family made the decision to leave France and move to Southern California. I asked a few friends though about when I should tell my students that I was leaving at the conservatory. They all said wait until the last moment but I decided to tell the parents first and ask them to let me know when they thought it best to tell their child. In the meantime I told the director of the conservatory and he said "so you are going to the US to teach them all that we taught you". Anyways a month or so went by and parents told me that I could tell the children. This turned out to be quite the emotional ordeal as one of them just stood and cried, another threw their violin to the ground and said I quit, another just stood stoically holding back the tears. It truly was a very difficult moment.
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KIMBERLY OURLIAN * VSM MEMBER * on July 13, 2022 @4:52 am PST
I remember all my teachers vividly, though 2 were my college professors and the other 2 I especially missed, they were like family to me. maybe that's why now I'm hesitant to find another. well, im 63 and i probably should be teaching others but I have too much more to learn myself
William - host, on July 16, 2022 @7:29 am PST
Hi! We all have so much more to learn!
Eugenie Van Zyl * VSM MEMBER * on July 13, 2022 @2:39 am PST
I would have cried too!
Were you originally from the USA?
William - host, on July 16, 2022 @7:28 am PST
Hi! Yes! Born in LA but grew up in Tennessee... lots of traveling around!
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