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Introducing Lesson in a Video

Video presentation of William Fitzpatrick's "Lesson in a Video"

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick introduces his new "Lesson in a Video" available to everyone. Even for free! Learn more about it at the link below: https://musisharevideos.com/lesson-in-a-video/

Released on May 11, 2022

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Video Transcription

Welcome to my latest video initiative called Lesson in a Video. I created Lesson in a Video, or LiaV, to provide a way for me to creatively structure my feedback on a submitted video performance. But first, you must fill out a form, which will allow me to determine if I believe LiaV is the right choice for you. After this determination, you will then receive the form, which allows you to upload your video.

Your video will, then, be put together with my annotated video feedback, and the result is a lesson in a video. Your LiaV video can be downloaded or viewed privately online as many times as you wish, either way will allow you to have complete control over the pace that you need to review the information provided.

So, I guess all of this probably gives you the impression that this is a very useful, but expensive, product. Well, this initiative uses a Pay What You Can approach, which allows you to make a tax-exempt donation up to $150, or pay nothing at all. Doing it this way allows me to stay true to my goal of making LiaVs available to anyone, anywhere, regardless to one's available financial resources.

So, take care, be safe, and I look forward to creating a lesson in a video for you in the very near future.

Learn more and find the participation form on the page below:

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Bablok Artur on May 11, 2022 @6:48 am PST
Diese Idee ist großartig und sehr hilfreich. Sie wenden sich an einen Schüler der Mittelstufe und einige Stücke der vorgeschlagenen Auswahl erforder schone erweiterte Technik. Wie wäre es mit Basics für Violine - ist das zu mühsam? Der angesprochene Personenkreis wäre sehr hoch.
William - host, on May 13, 2022 @5:11 am PST
Hi! There are so many places online to receive basic information but soon I will be posting videos that may speak to those you are referring to... Thanks for the thought!
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