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The Many Stories of Bill Fitzpatrick: Practicing in a hospital

Another interesting musician experience to share

In this new video, Prof. Fitzpatrick tells a story about practicing violin in a hospital.

Released on November 30, 2022

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Video Transcription

I was returning to Juilliard by car when the driver fell asleep at the wheel around 5:00 in the morning. We subsequently hit a 2 pronged sign on my side which hurled me about 100 feet from the car. In fact I was fortunate as the right front side of the car ended up in the seat I was thrown from. We ended up being rushed to a nearby hospital.
Later, having recovered from surgery, I was talking with one of my doctors and he asked what I did? I said I was a violinist and he then said he was an amateur violinist and we both smiled. I asked him if there was a place I could practice, he thought a bit and then said yes. A little later a nurse came and wheeled me to a room.
The nurse helped me get out of the wheelchair and sitting on a regular chair. I began to practice but after about ten minutes I'd had it, couldn't concentrate, but there was no one around to get me back to my wheelchair.
I panicked but then realized that I had this huge 25lb cast on my leg to protect my leg, so I got up and made it back to the wheelchair, and then got back to my room... I was very pleased with myself.
It was then that a nurse walked in. Aware that I had been practicing she looked at me and said "I really don't understand whats so special about what you do. I mean all you do is go up and down!"
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Trish * VSM MEMBER * on November 30, 2022 @3:20 pm PST
I love Bill Fitzpatrick’s videos. He is so inspiring. As a teenager home from boarding school I sometimes practised out under our big mango tree, while my older sister practised piano upstairs in the lounge room. Ah! Where are lounge rooms with pianos today?
William - host, on December 2, 2022 @2:15 am PST
Ahh!!! In Paris i rented a room in a squash center ...
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