William Fitzpatrick - violin expert

The Many Stories of Bill Fitzpatrick: Stopping Smoking

How smoking can affect music playing

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick tells a story about how quitting smoking improved his music performances.

Released on June 8, 2022

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Video Transcription

My wife was hospitalized in France with pulmonary issues. As I walked into her room her doctor stopped me and asked "do you smoke?" I said yes and he said "I'm going to give you 2 reasons why you are going to stop". Well I listened and after over 30 years of smoking, I stopped, cold turkey! All right. Two months later I was playing Zigeunerweisen and Tzigane with orchestra in Paris. With over 1,000 in attendance If there were ever a time to be nervous this was it. As I returned to my dressing room though, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't been nervous. For as long as I could remember my bow always shook at the beginning of a performance. It was then that I realized that this was this first time I hadn't had a cigarette before I performed. There was no nicotine in my body!
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Tojo89 on June 8, 2022 @12:50 pm PST
Thank you for the inspiration; it has been a challenge for me.
William - host, on June 9, 2022 @2:49 am PST
It is for all of us! Thanks!
George Mahida * VSM MEMBER * on June 8, 2022 @10:49 am PST
Thanks Dr William Fitzpatrick for sharing how smoking and being nervous are connected. Stimulants in our bodies effects our performance. I never made that connection.
William - host, on June 9, 2022 @2:48 am PST
Thanks... I definitely stumbled onto the connection!
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