Mastering Violin Vibrato - Video Course
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Lora Staples
Red Desert Violin

Mastering Violin Vibrato

by Lora Staples -
Hello and thanks for coming!

The fact is...

EVERYONE wants a good vibrato
Everyone NEEDS a good vibrato
Now, everyone CAN learn vibrato!

Vibrato is the secret sauce that gives professionals that sound that brings tears to our eyes and makes our hearts pound.

But how can beginners learn to do it?

There is no secret to vibrato. It is a simple matter of :
  • understanding the mechanics
  • training our hands to execute those mechanics
  • learning to do it fast enough
  • plugging it all in
Mastering Violin Vibrato starts out with simple exercises to prepare your hands for vibrato. Hands? Yes both hands. Your bow hand has to do certain things while learning vibrato!

The course continues by teaching you the basic mechanics using our special training wheels, Purfling Position. You will first master vibrato there.

Then, you make the transition down to first position, (this takes quite some time) and then you are off to the races. It is then just a matter of plugging it in, and learning to pass it from finger to finger!

The course consists of 6 instructional videos, and 2 guided practice sessions which we call Practice Coaches. You can view them as often as you need to, at your own pace.

Easy to view on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Place your iPad or other tablet on your music stand and follow along!

regular price: $160
only $40 for VSM users!
Limited time offer!
PLEASE NOTE: This is a No-Risk purchase. If you're not satisfied with the skills and techniques you learn in Mastering Violin Vibrato in the first 30 days, Red Desert Violin will refund your purchase price, no questions asked. Payments and refunds will be handled by and NOT Virtual Sheet Music, which is just promoting the course and will receive a commission on each piece sold.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Lora Staples,
Beginning Volin Expert at Virtual Sheet Music

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Thair Barghouthi * VSM MEMBER * on October 5, 2013 @1:40 pm PST
Hi Lora,
I bought the mastering vibrato course by Paypal. I logged in once and it worked fine.
I had to restart my computer. I cannot find the link and password anymore. Would you kindly resend them to me.

sorry for the trouble,,

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