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Air from Suite No.3 (on the G string) Mp3 files*
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Rating: 5 Transposition by carl kokes * VSM MEMBER * on January 13, 2016 @10:25 am PST
I love the fact that a student can be taught the art of transposition via this work- being in D as well as C Major . Kudos.....
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on January 13, 2016 @10:59 am PST
Dear Carl, I am glad to know you like that! We actually thought to include the original version in D major to help understanding the original meaning of the composer. Thank you again for your kind review.
Rating: 5 Excellent customer service! by antonio colon on August 20, 2015 @7:17 am PST
This was an excellent arrangement of Bach's Air, from Suite no. 3. What I want to highlight at this opportunity is the excellent guidance I received from one of your customer representatives (Julie ?). She was very patient and helpful and with her help I was able to successfully download said piece for printing. Thank you and keep up with your good work!
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on August 20, 2015 @7:39 am PST
I am very glad to know that Antonio! Please, feel always free to contact me or Julie with any questions or ideas you may have, we will be always glad to hear from you. Enjoy your music!
Rating: 5 Not originally on the G strings. by Mike on February 27, 2010 @2:15 pm PST
This piece has nothing to do with the G string per se. It is the second movement of orchestral suite no. 3 by J. S. Bach arranged for piano. The reason it's called air for the G string is because a german violinist, August Wilhelmj transcribed the movement for violin and piano and in that transcription the violin plays only on the G string and that's why it's so often called Air on the G string. But this Air on the G string is just one transcription of many. It's something like Pachelbel's Canon wich has been arranged for so many instruments that few people know the original version anymore.

Anyway it's a great piece.
Rating: 5 Beautiful arrangement of Bach's Air by Kim on September 21, 2009 @7:03 am PST
Was amazed to find this very nice arrangement for piano solo of Bach's Air. Possible to play a vistá for a more experienced piano player.
Rating: 3 D or G string? by Bryan on May 2, 2009 @5:34 am PST
This arrangement is very good. A great balance between melody and accompaniment. It does not come across as a simplified piece. My only question is why the title (on the G string), when it's in D major?
Rating: 5 pleasantly surprised by b on April 29, 2009 @7:16 am PST
I was pleasantly surprised to see my download purchase included both versions, the one in the original key, and the exact same piece transposed into C Major (advertised as a simplified version). Thank you for bundling both copies. For my younger students, I would love to see the rhythm also "transposed" into equivalent, less complicated rhythms for the "simplified version". The piece is generally played very slowly, so I would welcome seeing the rhythm converted by doubling everything.....sixteenth notes become eighth notes, eighth notes become quarter notes etc....my younger ones are easily scared off by lots of sixteenth notes:-)

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