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Ave Maria (in C for alto) sheet music for voice and piano by Charles Gounod
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Rating: 5 Time saver for this lowly musician by Sandra Sapinski * VSM MEMBER * on April 7, 2017 @11:28 am PST
Wanted to play this as an alternative to Schubert...just because. A pleasure to have found it so quickly.
Rating: 5 music you can trust by RJ * VSM MEMBER * on July 10, 2016 @3:19 am PST
I needed Ave Maria FAST, as I had lost my copy, and it was NOT EASY finding Genoud's piano/vocal version set to Bach's Prelude in C Major. Thankfully, I found it at this website and it was so easy to download and begin my practice session.
Rating: 4 Is this the same as Bach's Prelude I? by Sandro on June 15, 2013 @4:47 pm PST
Loved this piece, though is this an adaptation of J.S. Bach's Prelude I from the Well Tempered Clavier - Book I? They sounded very similar. http://www.virtualsheetmusic.com/score/PreludeIFree.html
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on July 9, 2015 @10:27 pm PST
Yes, the melody of the Ave Maria is by Gounod, and it was composed on the first Prelude of the Well Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Rating: 5 Beautiful Song in Beautiful Key by Mariah on February 28, 2011 @3:15 pm PST
I had yet to find a copy of Ave Maria that was in my key and thankfully happened upon this site. Thank you, Virtual Sheet Music!
Rating: 5 New to giutar players by Warren Targett * VSM MEMBER * on April 30, 2010 @6:09 pm PST
I'm compiling a series of popular classics for young guitar leaners to play a la Hank Marvin sytle. These are very impressive when played to a full orchestral backing track. So far, I have 14 in the series and the youngsters love the drama and sensitivity of the melodies. Also, they find the musicality of the pieces very challenging but very satisfying to deliver. Your score was transposed to the guitar friendly key of A major and the rest was plain sailing. I would urge other comtemporary guitar teachers to persue this avenue of learning. Jeff Beck has just released a version of "Nessun Dorma" - my learners are way above his level on this. Thanks for a truly accurate score.
Rating: 5 Excellent Service by JP on July 6, 2009 @4:55 am PST
Thank you very much indeed for your swift and efficient service. I had the downloads within minutes of making payment.

I cannot recommend you highly enough!
Rating: 5 Brilliant for Baritone by Adam on January 23, 2009 @8:20 am PST
I spent ages searching for this piece in C as other editions were too high for a baritone voice. With the top note as a E above middle C it was perfect.

The music was really clear and much clearer than other editions that I sampled.

Highly recommended.
Rating: 5 Would have liked a greater range of keys for the Ave Maria b by Lucille M. Johnson on December 19, 2008 @6:02 am PST
While the music I received was of very good quality, I would have liked a greater choice in ranges (ex. for soprano).
Rating: 5 Perfect every time by M on October 20, 2008 @8:08 am PST
You have a wide variety of music, so I know that likely I will find exactly what I am looking for. In this cyber-world of mass complexities, thank you for simplifying your process of how you offer your product. I'll be back!
Rating: 4 Reading the Small Print by Ryan on October 1, 2008 @6:30 am PST
I was very pleased with the ease of downloading and printing this music. It is a pleasure to even have the composer's photograph on the cover; what a nice touch.

I would, however, like it even more if it were a bit larger and easier to read the lyrics. Wow, it's really tiny!

Otherwise, very nice.

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