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Canon in D and Gigue MIDI files
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Rating: 4 Very playable by Niall Blasdel * VSM MEMBER * on November 30, 2009 @6:38 pm PST
I am a high school student and sit first chair in our high school band. There are few things I love more than playing my clarinet, so I am always on the lookout for fun and challenging music.Cannon in D & Gigue fit bothe of these catagories. The peices are very fun to play in the way that they move and in the way that they push me past some of my limits. To me the transposition of this peice was a complete sucess. Thank you.
Rating: 5 This system - and the music work for me! by JoFro on August 18, 2009 @6:27 am PST
Even though I've performed for decades, this is the first time I've used Virtual Sheet Music. I needed the music quickly, and the system worked. What I especially liked is I could view the music before committing to it. Plan to use the souce again - and again.
Rating: 5 "Magnificant" by J on June 1, 2009 @12:35 am PST
Something about the rythm that these three intstruments bring together gives out a nice, calm, and soothing feeling...
it's a multifunctional song to where you can use for a graduation walk in, and etc...
Rating: 5 Nice piece! by Dario on February 3, 2009 @7:32 am PST
I think that this is a very beautiful piece!

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