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Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Rondo Capriccioso Op.14 sheet music for piano soloMendelssohn-Bartholdy - Rondo Capriccioso Op.14 PDF sheet music file for piano soloMendelssohn-Bartholdy - Rondo Capriccioso Op.14 Mp3 files for piano soloMendelssohn-Bartholdy - Rondo Capriccioso Op.14  for piano solo videosDownload PDF and audio MIDI, Mp3 files together.
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Rating: 5 My honest opinion of the Mendelssohn's Rondo by Russel on January 14, 2012 @10:49 am PST
I'm in eighth grade and just beginning my fifth year of piano study.

I am a big fan of Chopin but my teacher is trying to get me to appreciate different composers and she assigned me this piece because I like to play pieces with a rapid tempo and she wants me to develop my fingering strength and technique.

It is a good piece to help develop fingering strength, scale speed and arpeggios.

One part of the piece I enjoy most is building up to the fast part. I like how it stays rapid throughout and never slows down, but crescendos and decrescendos keep it interesting.

There are many key changes that make it more challenging but fun.

I do not have it to performance level yet but it's coming along.

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