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Understanding Left Hand Pizzicato
In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick talks about left hand pizzicato and how to apply it in well-known violin repertoire. ...
Added:Jan 6, 2016
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Achieving Great Intonation - Part 4
Achieving Great Intonation - Part 4

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick continues his video series about violin intonation, extending the topic to sixths, thirds, and octaves.

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Added Mar 5, 2014

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Rating: 5 Caprice 24 by Adaan on December 24, 2015 @8:55 am PST
I'm an intermediate violinist and i would want to learn caprice 24 well nobody has taught me how play like fast but i know i can do it but i just need someone helping me . [this review is about Caprices Op.1, part III included in this item]
Rating: 5 Awesome by Jared Ross on March 15, 2010 @9:46 pm PST
This music is arranged perfectly. It truly captures the Image of the composer. Thanks!
Rating: 5 What a Workout!!! by MB * VSM MEMBER * on October 12, 2008 @2:52 pm PST
*cries in agony due to the shoulder, elbow and wrist pains*

Great set. Teachers and students, get ready for a long line of work!

I personally like 1 and 5 the best.
Rating: 5 diferent point by Goruenova on July 17, 2008 @7:40 am PST
it is write that it is very harde and stuff pice
but it do not have any musicel sowel value
[this review is about Caprices Op.1, part I included in this item]
Rating: 5 Beautiful by Pam on August 29, 2006 @3:26 pm PST
The works by this composer upon playing them to perfection place you at the epitome of the violin. Having played since the age of three, learning the caprices not only developed my technique but my stamina as well.
Rating: 5 These peices are... by Hats on August 24, 2006 @2:14 pm PST
These peices are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so much passion, energy, and articulation!!!!!!!!
No one will ever be able to write peices as beautifully as these!!!!!!!!!
[this review is about Caprices Op.1, part I included in this item]
Rating: 5 very difficult by Desiree , age, 13 on July 24, 2006 @3:40 pm PST
This peice will challenge you but it is very beutifull once you can play it. Trust me, everyone will love it.
Rating: 5 Challenging but great music by Robert W. * VSM MEMBER * on March 26, 2006 @12:20 pm PST
The 24 Caprices by the wizard of violin himself (paganini) are some of the best and most difficult show pieces on the planet. I recomend them not just because they are fun to play and cool to listen to because they are also very beutiful and creative pieces. If you think you are somewhat of a virtuoso try this-it will either give you nightmares from the hair-raising difficulty, or prove you to be an amazing player ,which is usually required to play Paganini. Either way it's easy to work up a sweat with this great work for the violin!

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