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Rating: 5 Good Stuff by Red * VSM MEMBER * on April 20, 2017 @4:57 am PST
Excellent. Love the Midi because I can do so much to make it compatible with our singers at the Nursing home who generally need it a little lower in key and a little lower in tempo, [this review is about Christmas Carols, coll.1 included in this item]
Rating: 5 Fantastic collection by Walter Furt on March 20, 2017 @6:01 am PST
A fantastic collection of Christmas carols, easy to play. I downloaded the first collection the past year, and this second collection complements perfectly the first one. I highly recommend this collection. Virtual Sheet Music will not disappoint you. [this review is about Christmas Carols, coll.2 included in this item]
Rating: 5 Perfect Christmas Collection by Edith Swinley on November 14, 2011 @12:57 pm PST
This collection of music is perfect for our Christmas service. Each piece of music provided suitable accompaniments for a range of abilities. An excellent resource, thank you.
Rating: 4 Christmas Carols, coll.3 by Mike on January 11, 2011 @7:27 pm PST
My wife is a school teacher and she is always looking for new music to teach her students at Christmas. The collection of Christmas carols had the song for which she was looking. The collection also included other songs with which we were familiar plus three that we were not. Overall, we were very pleased with the selection. [this review is about Christmas Carols, coll.3 included in this item]
Rating: 5 Excellent Bundle of Classic Christmas Tunes by Larry Robinson on November 26, 2009 @2:30 pm PST
Crisp piano score plus decent audio recording for 39 of the most popular classic Christmas carols, all for $12 -- a good deal!

My only request to VSM: please integrate the three separate collections into a single, alphabetized .pdf file, now that you're selling all these collections as a bundle, and include a table of contents page upfront. Thanks!
Rating: 5 Thank you again. by Julia Bickel * VSM MEMBER * on December 29, 2008 @7:35 pm PST
This music helped us to put on a Christmas program in China, where no one is familiar with this music. Piano students at college level called it easy, and they could accompany us. I think it is a good bargain, and I am delighted that it was available in time for us. As amateurs, we were pleased with this selection. I might call it a Godsend. Thanks.
Rating: 5 Exactly what I was looking for. by A on December 19, 2008 @7:02 am PST
In preparing for Christmas Eve service the music contained in this collection provided all the songs I needed for the keyboard player; plus it has the chords I can use to play the guitar.

It was a very good buy.
Rating: 5 Good Christmas songs by R on December 6, 2008 @3:00 am PST
The arrangements are good and a variety of song choices and styles are available starting from pre-barocco songs to post-romantic era.
Rating: 5 All the best classics are here! by MadMouse Records on September 18, 2008 @7:52 pm PST
Very pleased with the transaction! Music prints easy with Adobe and the mp3s give our students a feel for Christmas songs they have never heard before or not too often. The music written gives great basics and we give the students the freedom of expanding their expression,it works great for us ! Thank You!
Rating: 5 I am very happy that I bought this selection by Mrs. Sreema Perera * VSM MEMBER * on January 9, 2008 @3:50 am PST
While browzing the net, your site attracted my attention heavily as the selection offered was huge.Access was very simple, and the information I wanted was easily available.
The ordering was smooth and since I did not have to pay for the postage and also did not have to wait for the music to arrive, it helped me immensely.

The music it self, ranges from easy to medium and well arranged and of high quality. The printouts that I have taken from the downlaods is of a superior class and there does not appear to be any difference of it from a book.

I enjoy playing same and have shared it with my nephew who is very much into piano palying though a beginner. Both of us meet twice a week, in order to play the music and discuss the pros and cons of the arrangements.
All I can say is that I am enjoying playing the music and thank you very much for making this service available.

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