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Rating: 5 Mozart Not Really Easy by Andrew * VSM MEMBER * on September 19, 2012 @6:04 pm PST
Music such as this looks as if it is too easy when compared to the Romantics (Mendelsohnn, for example), but because of the constant rhythmical flow and very melodious melody, any small faltering of the finger, lapse of timing or out of tunes notes will be very apparent to the listeners. Really not an easy piece to execute beautifully.
Rating: 5 masterpiece by jacquomo on February 16, 2010 @8:43 am PST
Typical Mozart... Too easy for amateurs, too hard for professionals
Rating: 5 Small Disagreement by Ro on November 8, 2007 @3:56 am PST
Whoever said the piece was too hard?! It's not that difficult, really.
Rating: 5 Yahoo for the listener, death for the player by Felice on July 17, 2007 @8:17 am PST
Yes, I loved this!! It is amazing...so interesting to listen to how the orchestra and the violin seem to be in a battle. But it's death to play.
Rating: 5 Most excellent by Katharyn on October 14, 2006 @10:18 am PST
In my mind this is Mozarts best conceto, very well arranged. The 1st movmt cadeza is amazing!

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