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Rating: 5 user review by cella on October 24, 2011 @2:36 am PST
haven't finished playing this song in its entirety yet, but so far it's very enjoyable there is a melody line above the piano part, as well as a separate oboe score in the second section of the book. i really like the fact that the purchase involves a pdf (so that you can keep the copy in your computer and print multiple times)as well as having various music files to listen to (also to accompany or help you learn the song). great :D

*User Background: plays piano for pleasure (completed piano 8th grade) and fell in love with this song from the japanese tv series, "Nodame Cantabile".
Rating: 5 Oboe concerto purchase by Michelle on October 19, 2010 @5:18 am PST
I enjoyed getting an affordable version of the piano piece for the Mozart oboe concerto!
Rating: 4 Useful Oboe Audition Piece by Shirley on June 10, 2009 @8:50 pm PST
Mozart is of course a standard for technical skill auditions, and I needed this piece asap. The accompaniment mp3 is very useful, although the quality leaves a bit to be desired. Overall, very convenient!
Rating: 5 Amadeus fan by Marguerite on October 25, 2008 @2:12 pm PST
This work is so beautiful. I am left enthralled listening to it everytime. So refreshing and the thechique used is so intricate and mellifluous- so Mozart
Rating: 5 I was surprised and delighted when I found this sheet! by Bao Chen on May 7, 2008 @5:43 am PST
This sheet is really hard to found on the internet. So I still think it worthful though it isn't cheap.

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