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Rating: 5 Great Piece! by on October 12, 2011 @9:02 am PST
I have played the violin since 5th grade, I am now a freshman in college and I find this piece to be quite challenging. A female friend of mine said she would be willing to buy me dinner if I were to play this piece, so I came here and bought it. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning it, an hour of practice feels like only ten minutes! I used Audacity to slow down the tempo of the file that includes the violin being played as well to make it easier to practice initially. It is well worth the time to learn it, especially if there is a free meal involved!
Rating: 5 Just curious to see this music by on May 19, 2010 @12:05 pm PST
I was just curious to see what the music looked like as I have played other Tartini sonatas, and know this one (the fast movement) is considered extremely difficult, though very intriguing. To play this downloaded music one has to find some good way of binding it as it has many pages, and I did not find a good way of doing that. So for me this is not a practicable way of getting playable music. Thanks anyway!
Rating: 5 Bloody wicked awsome by on October 19, 2009 @3:38 pm PST
this piece is hard to master. A piece this beautiful and sad sounding is worth the hard work and determination.
Rating: 5 A very scary, yet beutiful way, to find this work by on August 11, 2009 @11:58 am PST
When I came across this amazing sheet of music in my attic, i was completely overwhelmed with persistance to master this sonata. Fortunately, I got lessons from a violinist in my small neighborhood, at the age of 17. Now 43, i have just about mastered the instrument, and the mysterious masterpiece....
Rating: 5 Amazing piece by on July 6, 2009 @12:41 pm PST
I have started violin lessons two months ago and i was determined to learn this piece. It is definetly not a piece for begginer but I am halfway through it and it is a worthwhile piece for any comminted and passionate violinist.

it was very easy to download only a few seconds.
Rating: 5 Very Worthwhile by on September 4, 2008 @1:03 am PST
Definitely not a piece for the beginner. However, for the somewhat more advanced student, it should be within reach, and once the technical difficulties have been (more or less well) mastered, the sonata is an inexhaustible source of pleasure and fun. Catchy melodies, lively technique. I dislike the practice of some virtuosos to add a lenghthy bravura cadenza at the end of the last movement. Personally, I find that the sonata, from Tartini's pen, is compact enough as it is, and that adding a zillion extra trills to it does more harm than good.
Rating: 4 Trying to do Tartini justice by on July 18, 2007 @10:08 pm PST
I first heard this song on a CD I own of Baroque music. I admired it from afar for a long time, and when I finally started taking violin lessons (about a year ago), I immediately made it one of my goals. It is not easy by any means-especially the second movement!-but I'm chipping away steadily at it. Maybe in a few months it'll sound decent and poor Tartini can stop turning in his grave...

I really appreciate that this publication includes both the violin and piano parts seperately; my brother, who plays the piano, is working with me in the hopes that one day we can play it as it's meant to be heard-a beautiful and moving duet.
Rating: 5 Thrilling Tartini by  * VSM MEMBER * on September 25, 2006 @3:30 am PST
I've chosen this piece for my graduation recital at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, it's very hard to get to grips with, especially the tempi of the piece, however, once you've mastered this dragon you'll be able to tackle anything!
Rating: 5 Now I know... by on September 20, 2006 @2:14 pm PST
Now I know why it's called the Devil's Trill! It's hard as heck! Haha. I'm learning it for a Junior/Senior Recital for school.
Rating: 5 Awesome by on August 8, 2006 @6:48 am PST
I have to say that this music is awesome! I play the violin and I plan to learn this, no matter how long it takes me to learn it!

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