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Chopin - Etudes Op.25 No.1-6 sheet music for piano soloChopin - Etudes Op.25 No.1-6 PDF sheet music file for piano soloChopin - Etudes Op.25 No.1-6 Mp3 files for piano soloChopin - Etudes Op.25 No.1-6  for piano solo videosDownload PDF and audio MIDI, Mp3 files together.
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Rating: 5 Chopin and Liszt by Curtis Stotlar on November 20, 2009 @10:31 am PST
Chopin and Liszt shared much more in common than most people are aware of. Actually Liszt often imitated Chopin albeit in his own way. His "Berceuse" is a perfect example. One of his "Consolations" resembles Chopin's "Nocturne in D Flat". No, Liszt could be very quiet and Chopin quite loud (at least his music). He was a frail pianist, something not of his choosing.
Rating: 5 Liszt Vs Chopin by Matthew Hackett on March 2, 2008 @2:28 pm PST
It is said that Liszt was inspired to new heights of composition for the piano upon meeting Chopin despite them playing and composing pieces that were almost opposite in nature! Liszt played loud and boistrous music where Chopin preferred delicate and well structured music and it can be heard in these Etudes that he composed for the student. I particularly found the Agitato movement difficult as i struggle with staccato pieces.

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