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Classical Pieces collection 2 sheet music for flute or other instrumentsClassical Pieces collection 2 PDF sheet music file for flute or other instrumentsClassical Pieces collection 2 Mp3 files for flute or other instrumentsView and enjoy related videos.Classical Pieces collection 2 sheet music for flute or other instruments complete music files

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Oh No, It's the Recorder!
In this new video, Stephanie talks about the use of the recorder in schools, and why its use is so widespread around the world. Do you have anything else to add to the conversation? ...
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Rating: 5 So glad to have found this website ! by Toni Forte on March 15, 2009 @7:33 am PST
I took flute lessons from grade 5 through grade 12.
After high school, I really didn't play my flute anymore. I was trying to ease back into reading music again, and playing for my own enjoyment. I purchased this set of 10 Classical Pieces and it all came back to me. I need to practice, of course, and I don't have the wind I used to (I am now 53 years old )but I will work on that. I definitely recommend it.
Virginia Halligan on January 28, 2016 @6:29 am PST
Toni, I did the same thing. Picked up my daughter's student flute and started playing again (not well) for a couple years with a flute group, played in summer bands, then one day went out and bought a better flute. I took flute lessons for a year and practiced every day - That was 45 years ago and I am still playing (one more better flute and piccolo later) in bands, churches, local community chorus, nursing homes and it keeps the love of music going as well as finger flexibility and memory retention - sight reading is great for the brain!! I am 79 and still going strong. Take a few lessons and you will be so happy to with the discipline,... best ginnytheflute
Rating: 5 Brilliant pieces by angelika * VSM MEMBER * on July 19, 2007 @7:27 am PST
These pieces are fantastic! I loved playing them and they can sound really good. I wouldn't rate them as really easy because really easy is playing twinkle twinkle little star! These peices are great fun although not challenging, they are extremely enjoyable!
Rating: 4 Good-Could be better by Jeremiah Willson on August 28, 2006 @10:36 am PST
I enjoyed the works and only wished the whole songs were there to be played. Great for beginners, and like was said about the others, I also didn't think they were much of a challenge. They are great for teaching though. Teachers, here are two excellent teaching books!
Rating: 5 This is a great starting point by Joan on March 25, 2006 @9:01 pm PST
I think this is a great collection for beginners, it is very easy to play, a simple melodic line with most of the most famous repertoire. My favorite? Gounod's Ave Maria. The first collection is also similar so I can definitively recommend them both.
Rating: 2 What the music was like by Dana Dorato * VSM MEMBER * on March 25, 2006 @1:48 pm PST
I felt that this music was a little different than the first collection. It was more dull. However it was more of a challange which was good.

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