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Rating: 2 Defiance Movie Music Selections by Al C. * VSM MEMBER * on September 26, 2011 @5:15 am PST
Not sure if the music for solo violin (as opposed to being part of a band arrangement) would differ, or help. The desired somber mood was successfully created, but the melody line is weak for all the selections. Compare the melody of "Schindler's List" (Theme) It has the same sad, somber mood, but what an interesting melody. It is loaded with character. Also compare "Ashokan Farewell." It is perhaps more melancholy than sad or somber, but mood related. What a melody..it just lingers in one's head! All three of the above titles are certainly enhanced with chordal background, accompaniment, but the melodic lines of the latter two titles stand alone and sound great on a single toned instrument. In my opinion, the Defiance music does not. It "NEEDS" the chordal accompaniment. I am a seasoned violinist, and enjoy music from a variety of genre. [this review is about Music from Defiance, violin solo part included in this item]

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