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Rating: 5 Very good by Russ on November 24, 2011 @6:29 am PST
This is a very decent sheet music, the piece is really hard to play though.
Rating: 5 A favorite by Melissa Q. * VSM MEMBER * on October 2, 2009 @8:40 am PST
A classic that every pianist should include in their repertoire! Thank you for having this available on Virtual Sheet Music!
Rating: 5 level of piece by Bill on February 11, 2009 @9:07 pm PST
Great piece! I believe it is LRCT level - one level above Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 10.
Rating: 5 Incredible by Larry S. on July 6, 2008 @10:37 pm PST
Im a 12 year old pianist and composer and when I first heard this piece I was amazed that something so incredible could come from the mind of a human.
I first started composing about a year ago and I have learned many incredible techniques from this magnificent piece.
Rating: 5 Even in cartoons! Feeding dreams to children... by Kazimir on May 22, 2008 @11:02 am PST
I heard it first time on a episode of Woodpecker. Woody was a piano fixer and a thief hide himself into the piano, and told Woody not to stop playing, otherwise he would kill him. Haha! What an amazing choice our hero could do! Since then, I have been trying to discover the name of the piece, and that's it!!! Thanks
Rating: 5 Fun by Kimmie * VSM MEMBER * on April 9, 2008 @1:15 am PST
This is the most expressive piece I think I have seen ever! I tought myself to play and read music at 5 years old and when I heard the Trans Siberian Orchestra play this I needed it in my mosted loved pieces! It was in Tom and Jerry and also in the "Day at the Races" with the Marx brothers. If you want to really enjoy this piece watch the Marx brothers!
Rating: 5 What a great piece!! by Matthew Hackett on April 6, 2008 @3:09 pm PST
This is a very memorable and enjoyable piece caused by it's boyish boistrousness. One thing though, why do so many seasoned pianists insist on calling them songs? the word is piece!
Rating: 5 Beautiful song, very technical by JOE on March 24, 2008 @11:30 am PST
I love this song; I first heard it as part of a Victor Borge skit, and had to learn it. As a background, I am 18 and have been playing classical piano for 14 years.

There are a few "ornamental" parts of the song that are quite hard to play to speed, and will take a lot of working on to become smooth. However, I love a challenge, and this song will keep me occupied for probably around a month, much longer than most songs.

Excellent piece, but only for advanced players.
Rating: 5 wonderful by ryan * VSM MEMBER * on March 20, 2008 @8:43 pm PST
this piece is wonderful but it is pretty hard i think am going to learn this piece after i playe chopin prelude in D sharp "riandrop"
Rating: 5 MARVELOUS! by CB on November 9, 2007 @8:02 pm PST
I'm a 11-year old pianist and I can play a very easy way to play Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 It's very interesting to play and hear. All those dynamics and speed are very marvelous. This is one of my favorite classical pieces. I would love to play this actual piece.

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