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Reviews about Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring:

Rating: 4 Pretty Piece by on March 1, 2016 @8:12 am PST
The piece is beautiful, but it isn't exactly "easy guitar". It starts becoming somewhat difficult for less experienced players on the second page. My son's teacher believes it goes to about a grade 7 or 8 level at that point.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on March 1, 2016 @11:02 am PST
Thank you very much David for your kind review about Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, and for having highlighted the wrong defined skill level of it. After reviewing the piece, I see you are absolutely right, so we have re-categorized it as "medium" skill level. Please, feel always free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have, I will be glad to hear from you. Thanks!
David B Villeneuve on March 1, 2016 @11:57 am PST
Thank you and thanks again for the wonderful transcription and arrangement!
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on March 1, 2016 @4:25 pm PST
You are most than welcome! Have a great rest of your week
Rating: 5 Joy to Play by on March 27, 2012 @6:36 am PST
This piece of music is and will always be a timeless favourite for the expert intermediate and beginner musician.
Rating: 5 OK for a beginner...with a teacher by on March 16, 2012 @6:40 am PST
I found somme of the fingering difficult (I'm a beginner) and my instructor had to tell me how to interpret 9/8 time.

I enjoy trying this piece
Rating: 5 I love this song by on August 22, 2007 @8:52 am PST
Although mostly for personal reasons, such as it being the first complete piece I played in a concert, this is truly a happy but spiritual song that moves all around me when I play it.
I dont know if it's Jesus, but it IS a Joy for all men and women, I beleive. By the way, I purchased this because my teacher gave it to me years ago and I lost it, and this sheet was exactly as I remembered it!

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