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Three Secrets of Tone Production on the Piano
In this video, Robert talks about "tone production" on the piano. What does that mean? Watch the video below to find out! ...
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Rating: 5 chilling by Abraham Coman on December 30, 2009 @3:59 pm PST
these works could very well be, collectively, chopin's magnum opus. these nocturnes are my favorites.
Rating: 5 Nocturne Op. 9 in Bb minor by Elizabeth CC. Vermilyer on December 13, 2009 @5:27 pm PST
Nocturne Op. 9 in Bb minor is my favorite song of all times!!! I love to listen to it and to play it as well. 5 1/2 stars! All the nocturnes are beautiful but none can even compete with the sheer wonder of this song. Loverly. Absolutely loverly. [this review is about Nocturnes (collection 1) included in this item]
Rating: 5 Review for Chopin Nocturnes Collection 5 by Valery on October 26, 2009 @5:06 am PST
Thank you for making these two lovely Nocturnes available. The notation is beautifully printed and easy to read. This was my first purchase from Virtual Sheet Music, and I'll definitely use your website again. I had been looking everywhere for the Nocturne in C Minor (Posth), without success, until I came across Virtual Sheet Music. I would estimate that these Nocturnes would be about Grade 7 - 8 level. It was wonderful to sit down and play these pieces immediately after purchasing them. [this review is about Nocturnes (collection 5) included in this item]
Rating: 5 Mastering Choping Nocturnes by Russel on December 20, 2008 @9:00 am PST
This collection of Chopin Nocturnes is great for would be students wishing to learn to play Chopin. Chopin requires mastering good fingering techniques and great dexterity on many pieces. [this review is about Nocturnes (collection 4) included in this item]
Rating: 5 Wow! by Yon on June 23, 2008 @5:31 pm PST
These nocturnes are simply beautiful! [this review is about Nocturnes (collection 1) included in this item]
Rating: 5 Great Service by Hooman on May 8, 2007 @11:39 am PST
I found it very useful to be able to purchase and download notes so quickly. I also very much appreciate the customer service I received with regard to the question I had about the music I purchased. This is a great service, and I will be using it for all of my sheet music needs going forward. Thanks! [this review is about Nocturnes (collection 5) included in this item]

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