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Reviews about Nutcracker Suite:

Rating: 5 Great Find! by on June 15, 2010 @2:16 pm PST
I have been looking for this music forever! Our local music store hardly has anythng worth anyone's time to look at. So one day I stumbled upon this site and was enthralled to find it! Waltz of the Flowers is very hard but the rest aren't terribly difficult to play. I love Tchaikovsky and recommend this to anyone who can play the piano!
Rating: 5 YAY! by on November 22, 2008 @11:16 am PST
I danced in the Ballet the Nutcracker at Playhouse Square with the San Jose Ballet Company and to be able to play the music was fantastic!
Rating: 5 Cool! Great! by  * VSM MEMBER * on February 6, 2008 @7:32 am PST
Have you got NUTCRACKER for piano and orchestra?
I think the piece DANCE ARABE in this Collection is the easiest piece of them.
And FLOWER WALTZ is very difficult.
NUTCRACKER for piano and orchestra is graet!
Rating: 5 Grand Pad de deux by on August 7, 2007 @10:51 am PST
Would you happen to know where I could get a copy of Gran Pas de deux? I love Tchaikovsky. My wife and I went to see a kid by the name of Lucas Vondracek and for his encoure he performed Gran Pas de deux. My wife cried. It was one of the best pieces I've heard.
Rating: 5 amazing!!! by on March 19, 2007 @1:53 pm PST
I have a 9 year old and it took her two weeks to learn this music!!!
after learning she recieved a first place ribbon and a trophy at her talent show, and she's been taking piano for 6 months!!!
Rating: 4  Great music! by on December 22, 2006 @8:21 am PST
I really loved this because the music was for me very easy. Recently, my niece and I went to see the ballet and I was thrilled (and so was my niece, as she too plays the piano) to be able to play the songs and dances that we heard during the performance. In this book the music is great, and it isn't at all difficult to play.
Rating: 4 Dazzling by on December 6, 2006 @7:55 am PST
I really liked it because I've been to the play before, and it was nice to be able to actually play the music. I'm sort of a beginner, but the music wasn't that hard, which was a good thing.
Rating: 5 Entertaining by on May 1, 2006 @6:33 pm PST
I like playing these songs because they are very entertaining. The Dance of the Fairy Dragee was my favorite.

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