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Rating: 5 Excellent quality sheet music by Classical and Jazz Guitar on September 14, 2009 @6:38 am PST
This was a very decoratively attractive bit of sheet music. The transcription and publication were excellent and easy to read. And the Virtualsheetmusic service was excellent; I received the product immediately with easy to follow and brief instructions.
Rating: 5 Starry-eyed duets. by Guido Gilberto (from Brazil) * VSM MEMBER * on March 23, 2009 @11:57 am PST
I was simply delighted to play these duets. A friend of mine, a guitar player, just feels the same. They are surely a good practice for technique as well as for sheer pleasure. Great sheetmusic. Thanx!
Rating: 5 Paganini Duets by Richard Saba on March 23, 2008 @6:22 am PST
These six duets make a delightful addition to the literature for guitar and violin/cello. They are characteristic of Paganini's lyrical sensibility and are immensely enjoyable to play. They are without pretense and aim to entertain rather than move deeply. The quality of the sheet music is first rate in its accuracy and notational clarity.

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