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Rating: 5 Keep enlarging the collections they are Perfect by Caroyn * VSM MEMBER * on September 6, 2016 @10:39 pm PST
The Patriotic Collection is great. Could you add the army, air force and Navy, Coast Guard songs and more like God Bess America especially, Make these for Violin solo and Viola solo PLease These are perfect. Some are harder then others. Could you add Sheep May Saftey Graze, and there's another one I can't think of the name. These collections are perfect
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on December 9, 2016 @9:34 am PST
Thank you Carolyn for your kind review and sorry for my late reply, for some reason I missed it!

Of course, we'll consider to add your suggested songs to this collection. Unfortunately we can't include God Bless America because of copyright issues, but you can find it around the site by Hal Leonard by just searching for it.

As for Sheet May Safely Graze, you can find that piece already available separately at the link below for multiple instrument and ensembles:


Thank you again for your valuable feedback!
Rating: 5 Wonderful by Winston on October 4, 2009 @11:53 am PST
This is an excellent arrangement for a violinist to play. Especially if they are playing by ear.

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