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How to Develop Security on the Low Register of the Flute
In this video, Florence and Robert Estrin show you simple exercises to improve your playing in the flute's low register. ...
Added:Aug 6, 2014
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Three B flat fingerings
Three B flat fingerings

In this video, Florence tells you how to apply this important flute technique to special passages found in the flute repertoire.

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Added Sep 2, 2015

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Reviews about Moto Perpetuo:

Rating: 5 Speedy way to get sheet music by on October 18, 2009 @2:14 am PST
I was looking for this piece and couldn't find the time to go to the music store that perhaps would have it.Then it occurred to me to check in Virtual Sheet Music. It took me 5 mins. to get it , I printed a high quality copy and started playing it.My only reservation relates to the midi/mp3 recording : is electronic music, very cold.
Rating: 5 Great Song/Etude/Awesome song!!!!!!! by on August 28, 2006 @10:32 am PST
Wow! What a great song. It presents a challenge, but also is fun. It has varying themes and motifs which make it a joy (a challenging joy!) to play. Not the same arrangement that Galway plays, but I actually like this one better! Thanks Fabrizio!

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