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Seitz - Second Pupil's Concerto in G major Op.13 sheet music for violin and pianoSheet Music TabAudio TabView and enjoy related videos.Zip Tab

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Reviews about Second Pupil's Concerto:

Rating: 5 My son loves it!!! by on May 7, 2011 @5:39 am PST
My 6 years old son like this piece and he performed this concerto for his violin competition and came out second place. A great learning piece with different techniques and artistry. Definite a piece to include in your learning portfolio.
Rating: 5 Recommended by my son's teacher by on November 14, 2010 @11:08 am PST
Great to get the 'real' piano accompaniment as violin teacher been playing it from memory! Lovely piece and suitable for auditions, solos at concerts etc.
Virtual music very easy to download - much better than some sites.
Rating: 5 The only MP3 recording I could find. by  * VSM MEMBER * on January 16, 2010 @5:39 am PST
We looked everywhere for a recording to listen to as an example to help interpret the sheet music. VSM was the only one we found that wasn't a video of a student's recital. Now our student can listen to the Concerto on his I-Pod and practice better between lessons.
Rating: 5 Very nice!!!!! by  * VSM MEMBER * on May 3, 2008 @4:44 pm PST
This concerto is very enjoyable to play, learn and present to other people, infact, this concerto got me into classical music. A total Must-Play!!!
Rating: 5 nice concerto for beginners by  * VSM MEMBER * on December 20, 2006 @1:25 am PST
it's a wonderful romantic concerto in 1st position.

Techniques recommended:
doublestops, vibrato (left hand),
various bow techniques (therefore medium skill rate)

Fingerings are excellent!

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