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Rating: 5 Cool! by Laurita on April 25, 2009 @1:11 pm PST
Hello! ^^ You saved my life! I REALLY needed this sheet that day! I'm glad I found this sheet here and for a reasonable prize! ^^ Thanks ^^
Rating: 5 Works great by Bert Christiaans on March 18, 2009 @7:02 am PST
Sheet music and accompaniment in mp3 available while you wait.
Rating: 5 A Pretty Piece for Everyone..... by Kathy Randolph * VSM MEMBER * on April 12, 2008 @6:56 am PST
This music is not only makes a pretty sound when you play the piece, its fun to play!This piece is fast AND slow a GREAT combonaiton at the second half of the first page its all slow then at the second page BAM fast! But overall a fibe is a GREAT rating. It is a fun piece to play, I recomend this picece to everyone whow likes fast pices. I put easy to medium because you don't shift. But I love this piece its fun!

The composer (Setiz) Does beautifuly he is right now one of my faveorites because he can go either slow or fast.
The publication is very accurate (Well me and my teacher think) I have been playing for 6 years so I am pretty good for my age. I love this style.
I like the first movement (Allegro Moderato)

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