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Romanza Andaluza MIDI files
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Reviews about Sarasate - Romanza Andaluza MIDI files for violin and piano:

Rating: 5 Romanza Andaluza (Sarasate) by on June 8, 2010 @2:01 pm PST
Fingering suggestions in higher positions and lower strings are superb. (very challenging and helps to develope in these difficult passages). Bow slurs are varied as I note from players on u-tube, but I like those suggested. The accompaniment Mp3.s are a tad fast to my liking but once mastered one can play at any other preferred tempi. Sheetmusic in my hands minutes after e-mail purchase and printed out and a few seconds to open my violin case...what bliss!!
Rating: 5 Hard to play well by on January 18, 2010 @12:06 am PST
The difficulty of the piece lies on the individual intonation as it has double stop passages.

Intonation is so important
Rating: 5 costumer review by anonymous by on August 30, 2009 @2:50 am PST
it has a tune that is fun and the starting was nice but near the middle...it has a hard part which continues until almost 85% of the whole piece is finish and you can hear it into the normal way again! ^^
Rating: 5 Beautiful! by on February 23, 2008 @9:57 am PST
This piece is beautiful, as the other pieces by Sarasate, this kind of music is different to everything else!
Rating: 4 Fun in parts by  * VSM MEMBER * on July 4, 2007 @3:45 am PST
Has a tune that is easy to hum. Gypsy like.

This is fun to play on the violin until you begin to notice it gets harder and harder. Then it offers an opportunity to progress. Teach yourself if you don't have an instructor in your town.

Easy to download and call up. Easy to follow on the computer screen as it is played on another program.

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