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Swan Lake (Finale) MIDI files
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Reviews about Swan Lake:

Rating: 5 Great to find and buy this on-line so easily by on December 5, 2012 @2:25 am PST
It is amazing that today one can get transcriptions of orchestral works for piano on-line. Years ago, you had to go to a "big City Music merchant" like Carl Fishers to find something like it. Usually it was not available.

It is a great service to have.
Rating: 4 good transcription by on February 27, 2011 @2:16 pm PST
it has the spirit of the original piece
Rating: 5 not bad by  * VSM MEMBER * on February 5, 2008 @12:59 pm PST
i like the arpeggios in this piece.
Rating: 5 The most penetrating music in the entire world by on July 1, 2007 @10:08 am PST
Swan lake from the beginning to the end will be and always will be the most beautiful ballet,, the finale especially with the chords that haunt and penetrate anybody that appreciates love. I dont care if you like rap or jazz,, I would bet my life on this,, that if a tear does not appear in a corner of your eye,, in the last chords of Swan Lake,, then your heart is made of stone.
Rating: 5 This is a beautiful piece!!!!! by on May 30, 2007 @2:07 am PST
It is a beautiful walz. I have to hear more!!!!!!!

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