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Rating: 4 Please provide transposition into Bb by Chris H. * VSM MEMBER * on July 14, 2013 @10:53 am PST
Most pieces in the Baroque period were written in D. Since I have a piccolo trumpet that sounds beautiful on the Bb side, but not so good on the A side, my approach to this repertoire has been to transpose everything into Concert Bb, which allows me to play the pieces in C on my Bb piccolo. This works beautifully, and has the added advantage that everything is two steps down, so the pieces are not as demanding. This greatly benefits an amateur player like me, and, believe me, the audience will never know the difference. :-) I'm disappointed that VirtualSheetMusic does not provide an easy means of transposing the piano accompaniments of this and other Baroque-era pieces into Concert Bb. (But kudos for providing a Bb transposition of the Telemann Concerto!) Of course, I can just play the part for D trumpet on my Bb trumpet and all is well, but the piano player needs a transposition too!
Rating: 5 Shining example of the Italian Baroque. by Charles Leinberger on August 20, 2011 @9:20 am PST
This edition includes parts for trumpet in B-flat, C, and D. However, this piece is usually played on the modern piccolo trumpet in A. The player plays in F (D concert). Most players take the C trumpet part and read it as if in bass clef and think in F. Treble-clef G-sharp (#4) becomes B-natural. This piece is suitable for college students and audiences love it.

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