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Rating: 4 Variations on a theme of Twinkle twinkle little star by Nick Vece on November 8, 2010 @4:47 am PST
This is my first time playing a variations on a theme of ___ piece and I love it. The first variations are easy, and they get progressively more difficult. This piece is fun to play. Mozart at his best.

I have two related complaints: First, there are no fingering suggestions. Second, I have never played trills before and it took a bit of sleuthing to figure out how to play them. One of Alfred's books "JS Bach: Selections from Anna Magdalena's notebook" did a fabulous job of guiding me.

These objections aside this music is everything that I would expect from a world class composer like Mozart.
Rating: 5 A lot of notes! by Mauro on February 27, 2010 @5:44 am PST
This famous piece is more difficult than I expected but with serious practice should be able to get at least some of the variations. I suspect these are only a pale sample of Mozart's real improvised variations on this theme.

Excellent service from Virtual Sheet Music!
Rating: 5 OUTSTANDING by Mike on August 2, 2007 @2:09 pm PST
This piece is under-rated for its difficulty. To truly master the piece takes great effort. Mozart's music has to be played very precisely because any mistake stands out to anyone including those without musical training. This is a great piece and I recommend this piece to everyone. (I myself have fun going over to a person's house and playing the theme that is so simple and then "kicking it up a notch" playing all the variations =D) So have fun and I hope you enjoy playing this piece as much as I do!

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