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Basics of Violin Playing sheet music for violin by Fabrizio Ferrari, classical score, easy
Fabrizio Ferrari: Basics of Violin Playing for violin, easy violin sheet music.

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Reviews about Basics of Violin Playing:

Rating: 5 Violin Basic by  * VSM MEMBER * on February 18, 2013 @8:42 pm PST
This article is the text document. Therefore question 1 & 2 are not
applicable but overall subjects of Basic of Violin Playing are very
well written and inclusive.
Rating: 5 RECOMMENDED!!!! by on January 29, 2012 @2:26 pm PST
I played violin in grade school, and decided to pick-up the bow again as a hobby. Virtual Sheet Music has been great, and I totally recommend it.
Rating: 5 simple & useful by  * VSM MEMBER * on August 23, 2011 @3:03 am PST
There are many books out today, that can help you learn various instruments, but if you want to learn violin, this is one of the good ones.
Although I am a professional violinist, it was fun for me to go through this book and remind myself of my own beginnings. I will use it when teaching children and especially adults, as they usually don't have much musical background, so the music theory and warming-up exercises are a great start for everyone.
The book is a wonderful tool all in all for beginning to learn this beautiful instrument.
Rating: 5 Great book for adult learners by  * VSM MEMBER * on July 19, 2011 @2:08 am PST
Most basics of violin books are aimed at children. This book has solved that problem.

I've only just started using it with my senior students and can already see that it's going to be a great asset to my teaching and their learning.
Rating: 5 Help a lot. by  * VSM MEMBER * on June 25, 2011 @8:05 am PST
As a violin teacher I need easy to understand book just like this to help me to teach my students. It helps me a lot. I like this book.
Rating: 5 Ferrari knows his stuff by on June 14, 2011 @8:56 am PST
I have found "Basics of Violin Playing" - based on the Italian Violin School written by Fabrizio Ferrari to be one of the finest teaching methods in existence.
It not only presents the beginner violinist with pictures of how to hold the bow and violin, it teaches proper posture and even teaches relaxation exercises, both prior to and after playing.

The book goes on step by meticulous step to help develop a beginner's awareness of music and musical terms and their meanings. I've always said that, "it is easier to struggle through the learning process in the beginning, than have to go back and un-learn incorrect techniques"... The lessons teache the dedicated beginner properly and without any kind of struggle if followed methodically.
I rate "Basics of Violin Playing" - based on the Italian Violin School, as "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED",

Pete Bowen
Note 2 Note School of Music
Maple Ridge, BC
(604) 240-0903
Rating: 5 Violin Basics by  * VSM MEMBER * on June 5, 2011 @7:08 am PST
As a semi-professional violinist(Main Career: Physician,Scientist & Teacher) who has taught music to young people for many years, I find Mr. Ferrari's book a neat, concise yet comprehensive guide for young people and an excellent aid for teachers.
In addition, the notes on Vibrato are the clearest and most valid description in written texts that I have come across. As a compendium of terms, bowing techniques and music language, the Appendix is a valuable summary. The 'Physical Exercises and Relaxation' section is also to be highly praised as it emphasizes the vital importance of body-training for violinists.
Overall, a valuable, authoritative and pleasant-to-read guide which, I feel, fills a very real need.

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