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Rating: 5 best online sheet music site by Venessa on January 13, 2012 @9:00 am PST
This is by far the best online sheet music site I have found. The sheet music is very clear and mostly accurate, not heavily edited with unauthentic bowings or fingerings that one finds on other websites for amateurs. Costs are very reasonable, downloading was fast and immediate upon payment. I am a professional violinist and wish I had found this site sooner. I highly recommend it to professionals who need popular sheet music in a hurry. I wish I could get all music this way, would you consider adding more titles? Thanks!
Rating: 5 Excellent service and readability by Roy Naden * VSM MEMBER * on October 18, 2011 @8:40 am PST
Virtual Sheet Music is a profoundly useful service. The quality of the pdfs, the cost of the music, and the speed with which it is available on your computer are all impressive. I had an emergency, and searched the internet for help. One solution was Virtual, I took it and within minutes the emergency was resolved. [this review is about Concerto in B minor Op.3 No.10 RV 580 (parts) included in this item]
Rating: 5 Good choice for 7th grade quartet by Bill on May 13, 2010 @1:34 pm PST
This piece is really fun to play, because each player gets at least one solo. [this review is about Concerto in B minor Op.3 No.10 RV 580 (parts) included in this item]
Rating: 3 Useful, but with shortcomings. by Robin Wedderburn on November 20, 2009 @6:16 am PST
Great piece, of course. The edition seems good, but the ripieno parts have no cues, which makes for insecurity; yes, one should be able to count bars, but such is Vivaldi's freedom with regard to phrase-lengths and his liking for half-bar phrasing shifts that counting, say, fifteen bars isn't easy. Also the continuo bass-line should be available in a part on its own, without the realization for keyboard. From what, otherwise, are ripieno cello and DBass supposed to play? I felt a bit let down by all this.
Rating: 4 My favourite Vivaldi concert by jac on May 2, 2008 @5:47 am PST
One of the most brilliant and lovable Vivaldi concert! The 4 violins parts have beautiful solos, this music sheet is really good and clearly wrote out.
There are no suggestions for finger placement...
[this review is about Concerto in B minor Op.3 No.10 RV 580 (parts) included in this item]
Rating: 4 A clear and useful edition by Andrea Pecelli on February 27, 2008 @9:18 am PST
I'm an italian cello teacher and will soon play this concerto with my pupils. It's a beautiful piece to perform, with medium difficulties and it represents a good teaching tool, too. I really appreciated your sheet music, as it is clearly written and accurate. The only critic I have to add is that there's just one cello part... as in this concerto the double bass doesn't play all the time, we had to write down an extra part with "solo" and "tutti". However, it's very practical to have the score in my computer... no more precious orchestral parts going lost!
Rating: 5 the only way to go by Dr. Miklos J Pohl OAM, MBBS, FRCS, FRACS on August 29, 2007 @10:10 pm PST
After trying 4 separate hard copy sheet music shops here in Australia and told by 2 of them that there would be a 3-4 week wait and cost of $170 Aus. I was releaved to find the Vivaldi on line. excellent quality of print and an absolute bargain at $7 US.

Keep it up !!!
[this review is about Concerto in B minor Op.3 No.10 RV 580 (parts) included in this item]
Rating: 5 Concerto X by General Kronk on June 3, 2006 @1:47 pm PST
This is an amazing piece! My friends and I played it at school, and despite it's High Skill Level rating, it really wasn't super-difficult. It's great if you're looking for something to challenge you for a few days to a week, and it's just plain fun to play! If you can, I would recommend getting it; it's great!!

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