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Rating: 5 manuscript paper by Bandi * VSM MEMBER * on February 6, 2012 @9:39 am PST
great paper. lines are a little small to use with people who are not advanced enough to read small notation.
Rating: 5 wonderful by Papageno on September 3, 2011 @6:23 am PST
Thank you so much Virtual sheet music for providing us with all these stuffs.
Rating: 5 Fentastic! by Rudolf Praveen D Costa * VSM MEMBER * on March 29, 2010 @8:56 am PST
Very nice one!! Thanks Virtual Music!! You are like friend of musicians like me at my door!!!
Rating: 4 nice... by Matt on December 1, 2009 @8:36 pm PST
cool,I like it. You can write your own music and it's free!
Rating: 3 This is ok by Harriet%2BPriester on June 6, 2009 @6:51 am PST
this is ok but the one that I would recommend is the one on blanksheetmusic.net It has a lot of options that you can use.
Rating: 5 Cool by Ryan Cross on November 5, 2008 @1:39 pm PST
I liked it, I wish that it could have hade a trebel cleft on it though.
Rating: 5 Depends.... by Keandria Martin on December 21, 2006 @2:25 pm PST
This is good for music composers and beginners to learn. If you use this, you wont have to worry about writing music in your head! ^_^

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