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About Virtual Sheet Music®

      Hello, and thank you for checking out the About Us page. We are pleased to show you who we are, and who's behind the hard work here at Virtual Sheet Music. Please enjoy!


Fabrizio Ferrari and Laura Caldera
Maestro Fabrizio Ferrari (CEO) and Prof. Laura Caldera (Artistic Director)
founders of Virtual Sheet Music
      Fabrizio Ferrari, CEO, holds a music performance degree in violin, a degree in music composition, in addition to an electro-acoustic music composition degree. Besides playing and writing music, Fabrizio enjoys computer programming and software development. His passion has always been to find the perfect synergy between great music and advanced technology. After many years of intense artistic activity as a musician, he began offering his wealth of acquired knowledge through his websites virtualsheetmusic.com and musicianspage.com, along with other sites, giving musicians and music lovers many new ways to enjoy music.

      Laura Caldera, Artistic Director, began to study the violin at the age of five, being one of the first children learning from the Suzuki method in Italy. She was a classic example of a "child prodigy" performing on Italian national television at the tender age of eight. Laura holds a music performance degree in violin and viola, and has won numerous international violin competitions.

      Fabrizio and Laura are happily married and currently enjoying life in southern California with their two children, Sofia and Edward.

Julie Marie
Julie Marie
Customer Support and Social Media Manager

Julie received her Bachelor Degree in Music in Opera Performance from Chapman University. She currently auditions and performs in New York City. In addition to her passion for studying and performing opera, Julie also has a passion for people. She has worked in the customer service and management industry for 10 years. She also proves her versatility in her experience as a figure skating coach and salsa dance instructor.

Chad Phillips
Chad Phillips
Public Relations, Social and Affiliate Manager

Chad is from Southern California and has been a part of the music industry for the past 10 years. He has been involved with numerous projects as a guitarist and bassist, through which he has released albums and toured extensively. He is adept in all aspects of online media and social networking.

Andre van Haren
André van Haren
Music Composer and Arranger Supervisor

André received his Bachelor Degree in Music in Classical Piano and Composition from the Conservatory in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His main instrument is the piano. He has been composing and arranging music for various ensembles including piano, choir, chamber ensembles and orchestra for over sixteen years. He has a passion for computers, using a Mac for his sequencing and notation work, and is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Swedish.

Janet Teas
Jennifer Vose
Copywriter, Proofreader and Content Advisor

Jennifer is originally from Ewing, New Jersey, and now lives in Springfield, Massachusetts. She received a BA in Psychology, and MS and Ph.D. degrees in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Combining her interest in wellness and passion for classical music, Jennifer currently serves as the host of "Living Well," a weekly radio program that airs on WWFM, The Classical Network and wwfm.org. While pursuing her graduate degrees, Jennifer spent a lot of time in the front of the classroom, teaching graduate students how to conduct research and improve their writing. Jennifer also dabbles in freelance writing in her areas of interest, and as a bit of a late-bloomer, began studying the viola in 2010.

Stevo Brock
Stevo Brock
iPad/iPhone and Computer Senior Developer

Stevo Brock has been molding and shaping technology since before he started high school in 1984. Pursuing both computer software and electronics, he has worked on a plethora of exciting projects over the years. His passion is using technology to create things that have never been seen before. He started Sunset Magicwerks to help fellow visionaries bring their imaginative ideas to life by the creative use of technology that's just a little bit ahead of everyone else.

Shirley Dornin
Shirley Dornin
Financial Services Consultant

Graduate of UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Humanities Major & Art History Minor, Shirley provides financial and operational direction including statistical research, data analysis and compilation, client coordination and bookkeeping.


      Virtual Sheet Music was created to provide musicians, as well as all music lovers, the ability to quickly locate sheet music. Desired titles can be downloaded from our web site directly to the user's home computer, and subsequently displayed and/or printed. Users can also listen to and enjoy audio MIDI and Mp3 files for any item in our catalog. Virtual Sheet Music has become the leading source for Classical Sheet Music Downloads® and for other music products and services serving over 20,000 users daily.

      Our specialities are custom arrangements and music transcriptions: Virtual Sheet Music is the only site that offers this (see our Exclusive Productions).

      We also encourage our customers to suggest new sheet music titles not yet found in our library, and evaluate and respond to such requests whenever possible (see Legal Notice).

      Virtual Sheet Music distributes any kind of music in the most modern and legal way, but the classical repertoire is still our specialty since we begun our jurney on the web back in 1999.

       You may purchase from us with any credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), by on-line or regular check or PayPal payments. Virtual Sheet Music uses PayPal® Payflow gateway service (formerly managed by VeriSign®) for all bank transactions.

      Virtual Sheet Music has attained Yahoo "Most Popular" designation for classical music publishing, and is also prominently featured by all major search engines as the number one site for classical sheet music (see us on Google, AltaVista, Lycos, MSN, etc.).

      Thousands of teachers, organizations, and both professional and amateur musicians are enjoying our unique service. Read our Member Testimonials to learn more.


      Virtual Sheet Music distributes requested music exclusively via direct download or e-mail (see Legal Notice). All musical scores in our library are immediately available for download. Titles not found may be proposed in our Suggestions Forum.

Direct download:

      Starting from the Main Downloads users can download selected music scores directly, or receive them via e-mail after entering a valid e-mail address.

Your suggestions are welcome:

      On the Suggestions page in the Forums section, you can request new compositions be added to the list of available scores.

Our mailing address is:

Virtual Sheet Music, Inc.

29911 Niguel Road, #6992
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 - USA


PO Box 6992
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 - USA

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from outside the US:

      Contact us via e-mail from the "Contact Us" page on our web site. Please refer to our Legal Notice and Privacy Policy document for clarification on legal matters, copyright issues, seller & buyer obligations, etc.

      We thank you for your attention, and hope to be able to be of future assistance in providing you with sheet music for all purposes: educational, professional, or personal growth.

Virtual Sheet Music, Inc.

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