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Virtual Sheet Music iPhone/iPad Applications and Games
Download the free Virtual Sheet Music iPhone/iPod App

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Virtual Sheet Music iPhone iPod Touch application
  Download the free App from iTunes music store.
Virtual Sheet Music® free application
      The new Virtual Sheet Music free application allows iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners to enjoy the Virtual Sheet Music catalog on the go. Users can download our high quality digital sheet music and play it off-line, as well as listen to and download thousands of Mp3 audio files included for any item in the catalog. Convenient reminders and instructions to download the music for any browsed item can be sent via email by attaching the first page in PDF file format.

Some key features of the Virtual Sheet Music® application are:

1. Over 50 high quality free sheet music items included for off-line enjoyment.

2. Browse our online complete catalog of high quality digital sheet music to download and store titles on your device including PDF and Mp3 files.

3. Search the catalog by keyword.

4. Display detailed information about any music item, and listen to Mp3 files (over 8,000 files).

5. Turn pages of download PDF files with just one touch - great for live performances.

6. Click the envelope button to receive email reminders detailing information about items, as well as first page attached PDF files and detailed, step by step instructions to download your music.

7. Members can access their music through the new login feature.

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Don't forget: it is Free!

Virtual Sheet Music Music Drawing iPhone iPod Touch application
  Download this free App from iTunes music store.
Music Drawing Notation
      The new Music Drawing Notation by Virtual Sheet Music has been specifically designed to write music by putting notes on a music staff, the easiest way. Any musician will be easily able to put down melodies "on the go."

You can write music by simply using your finger to put notes on the music staff, move notes around, change the notes' pitches by just moving them up and down, and modify their duration by selecting the corresponding value button. Rests may also be added, as well as sharps and flats. You can also write note chords by adding notes one over another. At any time, you can play, pause, and save the music you created into an archives section of the application, which allows you to retrieve previously saved songs (add-on feature). At any time, you can send or export your created music as a MIDI or Mp3 file via email (add-on feature).

This new application is free in its basic functions, whereas advanced features such as the Archives, Saving and Sharing features are available as add-ons via in-App purchase.

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Don't forget: it is Free!

Virtual Sheet Music Music Memory Game iPhone iPod Touch application
  Download this application from iTunes music store.
Music Memory Game
      The new Music Memory Game by Virtual Sheet Music® allows you to enjoy the classical memory game in a different way: by learning music.

The game has two different modes: the Tune Game and the Image Game. You can choose among 5 different levels of difficulty: from the easiest 3 x 4 grid (12 pairs) to the more challenging 7 x 8 grid with 56 pairs.

Tune Game mode:

Listen to 3 seconds long music clips and try to find the corresponding match on the grid as soon as you can. The game allows you to test your listening abilities among 6 different music repertoires taken from the top selling digital sheet music archives by Virtual Sheet Music®:

1. Classical (28 tunes)

2. Christmas (28 tunes)

3. Halloween (28 tunes and effects)

4. Patriotic (28 tunes)

5. Romantic (28 tunes)

6. Wedding (28 tunes)

Image Game mode:

Learn music basics trying to match the right image and learn about what is displayed by listening to the girl spoken voice.

It's a fun and educational game specifically designed for children, music beginners and music lovers.

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Available for only $1.99!

Virtual Sheet Music Christmas Carols iPhone iPod Touch application
  Download this free App from iTunes music store.
Christmas Carols free application
      The VSMCarols Christmas Sheet Music application allows iPhone and iPod Touch owners to enjoy the top selling Christmas Carols collections by Virtual Sheet Music® on their portable device. Any carol includes melody notes, lyrics and chord indications. A convenient "Get Audio Files" button allows you to receive Mp3 audio files of the selected carol directly via email as an attachment file.

Future versions of the application will include audio files within the application to play or sing along with your iPhone or iPod Touch (in development).

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Don't forget: it is Free!

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